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The XML C parser and toolkit of Gnome


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The latest versions of libxml2 can be found on the server ( FTP and rsync are available), there are also mirrors (France and Antonin Sprinzl also provide a mirror in Austria). (NOTE that you need both the libxml(2) and libxml(2)-devel packages installed to compile applications using libxml if using RPMs.)

You can find all the history of libxml(2) and libxslt releases in the old directory. The precompiled Windows binaries made by Igor Zlatovic are available in the win32 directory.

Binary ports:

If you know other supported binary ports, please contact me.



I do accept external contributions, especially if compiling on another platform, get in touch with the list to upload the package, wrappers for various languages have been provided, and can be found in the bindings section

Libxml2 is also available from GIT:

  • See libxml2 Git web. To checkout a local tree use:

    git clone
  • The libxslt module is also present there.

Daniel Veillard