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The XSLT C library for GNOME

Reference Manual for libxslt

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Table of Contents

  • attributes: interface for the XSLT attribute handling
  • documents: interface for the document handling
  • extensions: interface for the extension support
  • extra: interface for the non-standard features
  • functions: interface for the XSLT functions not from XPath
  • imports: interface for the XSLT import support
  • keys: interface for the key matching used in key() and template matches.
  • namespaces: interface for the XSLT namespace handling
  • numbersInternals: Implementation of the XSLT number functions
  • pattern: interface for the pattern matching used in template matches.
  • preproc: precomputing stylesheets
  • security: interface for the libxslt security framework
  • templates: interface for the template processing
  • transform: the XSLT engine transformation part.
  • variables: interface for the variable matching and lookup.
  • xslt: Interfaces, constants and types related to the XSLT engine
  • xsltInternals: internal data structures, constants and functions
  • xsltexports: macros for marking symbols as exportable/importable.
  • xsltlocale: Locale handling
  • xsltutils: set of utilities for the XSLT engine

Daniel Veillard